Steelix by request. Cool picture.

Something to remember as we celebrate book seven:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released seven years ago. The fandom spent a long time speculating about Book Eight, wanting nothing more than another installment.
Today, we know that there are at least three new Harry Potter movies ahead of us. We know that there will be a play about Harry’s early days. There are even whispers of a new book or something equally momentous up J.K. Rowling’s sleeve.But none of those are the eighth book. The Harry Potter series was not succeeded by the news of a theme park attraction or by Pottermore. It was succeeded by the same community that saw it through.We are book eight. And there’s a t-shirt for that.
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today on every dbz episode ever made

Fits these two to a tee! XD Poor Vegeta
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